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7:00pm-8:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 4 Episode 10/26

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Loss Counsellor Troi despairs at her inability to communicate with an alien force which proceeds to override the ship's controls, threatening to destroy the Enterprise and its crew. Sci-fi adventure, guest starring Whoopi Goldberg

Category: Science Fiction

7:00pm-8:00pm (1 hour )   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments


Am a bran-spanking-newby,be patient when explaining the above. Thanks
OutadaclozitUK   8:59pm Mon 27 Mar


Much better plots with Voyager?! Hahahahahaha.
Yaspaa   12:30am Sat 8 Dec

Star Trek: The Next Generation

was good the 1st time we watched it , the 1st repeats were okay but after 5+ repeats it sadly shows how little Sci-fi action there is :( New episodes and more action please :)
DC   9:01pm Mon 24 Sep

Star Trek

Its great lets have mors Si-Fi
Gortus   7:39pm Thu 26 Jan


I'm a general fan of TNG but most of their episodes deal with mindless PAP. Kill off the idiot doctor, kill off the councillor, burn that idiot child on the bridge and it might get back to being good. Much better plots with voyager
...   12:03pm New Years Eve

Captain Picard

please take the film the railing rug-rats and give it to the Romulans, failing that leave it in another galaxy
edna   10:50am Boxing Day


You should have gone to "Spec-savers".
Picard   12:51pm Tue 14 Dec

The Borg

assimulated the camel jocks and it set them back to the stone age.
bert   11:10am Mon 6 Dec

No, No, No, No, No...

It can't be it's the very last episode of TNG!
Wicksey   8:13pm Wed 30 Jun


of the better episodes of ST:TNG away from the best of both worlds Pt1&2.
Wicksey   11:55pm Wed 17 Feb