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7:00pm-8:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 20 Episode 6/6

Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson drives the Jaguar F-Type sports car on some of Britain's finest roads, while Richard Hammond jumps inside the Range Rover Sport and gives it a thorough workout off-road, on a track and in what he believes is its most natural habitat - the lanes of Cheshire. James May goes for a countryside adventure in the New Routemaster London bus brought into use in 2013, which is propelled by a turbodiesel generator and a powerful electric motor. Inspired by the machines they have tested, the trio then meet to celebrate Britain's motor industry with a grand finale in front of Buckingham Palace. Plus, former Formula One driver Mark Webber takes to the track for a lap in the Reasonably Priced Car

Category: Motoring

7:00pm-8:00pm (1 hour )   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments

Oh no!

Such a dire travesty of the real Top Gear. And now they are repeating it!
Jim.   9:53am Sun 15 Oct

Not the real Top Gear

Why repeat garbage? It was utter crap first time round - it certainly won't be any better for another viewing.
Fat Controller   12:18pm Sun 24 Sep

Last of the series

Let's hope it's the last one ever. I suffered through about 30 minutes of Evans in the first series and never watched again. I watched all of the first episode of the second series, but couldn't be stirred into watching any more.
S.M.   3:07pm Mon 1 May

Retitle the repeats

"The 3 Pr*cks!"
P V   3:02pm Tue 25 Apr

A travesty

Absolutely zero spark between the presenters makes it deadly dull. Le Blanc tries, but the other two are starngely personality free and totally unengaging.
T.N.   1:27pm Sun 16 Apr

It's getting there...

Thank God we don't have Evans anymore and to be honest I don't like Clarkson (big headed ****head). I think the Top Gear under him was getting old fashioned and boring. Yes the international stuff was fun but the TV stuff was repetitive and Clarkson et al were showing so much bigotry. Leblanc/Reid/Harris are slowly settling in. They're a needed breath of fresh air.
LeeRJ   10:05am Fri 17 Mar

Well, I tried it

Marginally less bad now the ginger whinger has gone, but still not worth watching.
Mike   3:02pm Thu 16 Mar

Ratings trouble

How can this dross be included in the ratings for the real Top Gear? It's worth a 2 at most.
Joe   4:29pm Thu 9 Mar

Childrens TV

Great if you are 9 years old
Hector   9:06pm Sun 5 Mar

David Baynam

Definitely getting better,whereas the Extra version is self indulgent trash.
deebee   7:04pm Mon 20 Jun