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11:00am-11:30am Thu 12 Oct
Season 4 Episode 5/26

Auction Hunters

Auction Hunters: Pawn Shop Edition: Off the Deep End Allen Haff and Ton Jones head to Catalina, where they search for some auction treasure - but a shortage of units and time threatens their plans

Category: Challenge/Reality Show

11:00am-11:30am (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

Fake But Good

It's fake, it's all reinactments of what they've found in the past, it's not real time. Still a damn entertaining show however.
Yaspaa   11:56pm Sun 22 Apr

@ Uncletufty

thats the whole point of the show , who wants to see all the crap units they buy lol
Its only TV   9:29pm Mon 13 Feb

Love it !!!!

Already seen this on-line and its a great program 10 /10
More like this please   9:21pm Mon 13 Feb

Storage Wars it's not !!!

Ok, so if you watch this in the hope that its like Storage wars,forget it. What the opening sequence misses out is that the programs only contains the best units with good stuff and plenty of profit for the guys unlike the full USA version which tells you this at the beginning of the program. So unlike storage wars you know before it starts that the guys are going to get a unit with " A great find " inside. My advise, forget this one and stick whith Storage Wars.
Uncletufty   12:45am Mon 13 Feb