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12:15pm-12:25pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 4 Episode 15/30

Shaun the Sheep

Wildlife Watch A film crew arrives to record a rare bird nesting at Mossybottom Farm. The Farmer is delighted by all the attention, but when a cameraman films the Flock enjoying a game of cricket, drastic action is needed

Category: Cartoons/Puppets

12:15pm-12:25pm (10 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

Sheeps of Fun!

It's a funnybone tickler - sit down, relax & enjoy the view! It's a series of 'Carry on' shorts of curious animals living on a farm - getting into mischief and having loads of adventures and fun! ;-)
CarolineBlue   7:26am Mon 23 Aug

oh my god

i love shaun the sheep he's so sxe
ell kay moll   11:12am Tue 24 Nov

Silent comedy rules... here

This is probably the only good silent comedy out there. With the creative genius of Aardman's animation style and cute sound effects,it sure beats Mr. Bean.
DuchessofSutherland   3:21pm Wed 1 Jul

i love it!

it is realllly cool !!!! Shaun the sheep rox my sox !whoooooooooo!!!
sheepyshaunxxx   6:19pm Thu 30 Apr

Up there with best

Nearly as good as a classic roadrunner cartoon... and that is high praise indeed!
Wallace   6:14pm Sat 18 Apr

Shaun the Sheep

Certainly the best program on British television.
Freidl   9:52am Fri 5 Dec

VERY FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dino   2:51pm Tue 1 Jul

blue peter is brillllllll................

i think that blue peter is wonderfull and spiffing it is good in a godd kind of way
fish   4:47pm Wed 25 Jun

Shaun the Sheep

ramsbottom   3:27pm Tue 24 Jun

sam sheep

it is good
sam123   4:33pm Sun 16 Mar