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8:30am-9:00am Tue 10 Oct
Season 10 Episode 12/13

Hardcore Pawn

The Outsider The price of gold continues to drop. Seth suggests they should review their purchases, and sort out the cluttered sales floor, along with a warehouse overloaded with junk

Category: Documentary

8:30am-9:00am (30 minutes)   Tue 10 Oct

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Show Comments

Great Ashley

Love Ashley tàkes no prisoners
Wee Jock   7:57pm Thu 20 Jul


her proper dagger eyes melt my heart. great actress and should be a star in MJSERY
big Ace   10:48pm Wed 19 Jul

Great show and business

Live in Scotland great show ,Great business Led and his kids doing a great job
Wee Jock   7:07pm Tue 30 May


All the siblings ever do is treat customers badly then hide behind the security guards.
"!   7:37pm Wed 19 Mar


Staged & scripted old drivel
Not more of this drivel   3:07pm Sat 8 Feb


more of the same. the usual formulaic scripted American crap. It must be really cheap to buy in for the networks.
Discerning   8:41pm Mon 18 Nov


Her brother is no joy either, hate this show.
Yaspaa   11:40pm Sat 16 Nov


Is a complete b i tch
Pete and Repete   5:04pm Tue 25 Jun