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9:10pm-9:41pm Wed 13 Dec
Season 3 Episode 16/18

Ant Farm

UnwANTted Chyna tries to cheer Olive after Dixon breaks up with her, and eventually seeks a new boyfriend for her - with Fletcher a likely candidate

Category: Comedy

Disney Channel
9:10pm-9:41pm (31 minutes)   Wed 13 Dec

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Show Comments

Over the hill

Ant from Ant and Dec rakes us around his Shropshire estate
Huh   6:55pm Mon 30 Sep

Ant farm

I wish I could watch ant farm I don't have Disney channel
Seham   12:10pm Tue 9 Apr

ant farm

ant farm is the best show on tv and i aslo enjoy zac and cody on the deck
i love zac and cody   9:57pm Tue 27 Nov

ant farm

ant farm is the best
Ants in pants   6:50pm Sun 18 Nov