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12:55am-1:55am Thu 16 Nov

Film Need for Speed (2014)

A street racer is betrayed by a friend, and ends up being framed for causing a death during an illegal contest. Two years later, he is released from prison and returns to the underground racing circuit with revenge in mind. Action adventure based on the video game, starring Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots and Michael Keaton

Category: Adventure

Director: Scott Waugh


Benny Scott Mescudi  (IMDB)
Little Pete Harrison Gilbertson  (IMDB)
Monarch Michael Keaton  (IMDB)
Joe Peck Ramon Rodriguez  (IMDB)
Julia Maddon Imogen Poots  (IMDB)
Finn Rami Malek  (IMDB)
Tobey Marshall Aaron Paul  (IMDB)
Dino Brewster Dominic Cooper  (IMDB)

Certificate 12

12:55am-1:55am (1 hour )   Thu 16 Nov

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