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5:15pm-6:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 12 Episode 32/60

Flog It!

Newcastle 48 Members of the public bring their antiques and collectibles along to Europe's largest naval aviation museum in Newcastle upon Tyne, where experts Anita Manning and Nick Davies share their knowledge of what everything is worth. Plus, Paul Martin finds our what the people of Tyneside make of Antony Gormley's Angel of the North sculpture

Category: Antiques/Collectibles

BBC2 London
5:15pm-6:00pm (45 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
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Show Comments


When you look at it most reviews are negative, this must be because the standard of the show is tripe A clean sweep is needed and get rid of Martin for a start, then improve on the antiques being sold and make them more varied and not so repetitive.
HOBGOBLIN.   12:15pm Tue 17 Oct

Paul Martin

I love Flog It for learning about antiques, but am SO put off by Paul Martin. Patronising and hopeless at reading scripts. Puts all the emphases in the wrong places!
Katiepoo   7:43pm Wed 11 Oct


All these antique shows are game shows anyway, and Philistine Serrell is on most of them.
JAKE.   3:34pm Fri 22 Sep


We all watch flog it but get a bit cheesed off after about the third repeat, or why would we comment on the programme. Besides one is enough for most people of Paul Martin?????.
SNIPE.   3:27pm Fri 22 Sep

The fact is

older folk would not want to watch the soaps of today. All sex and violence and none of the humour of times past. And good on them I say. Another point lots of people comment but do not watch because they say so.
georgie   9:10pm Thu 21 Sep


If we only like dart shows and game shows then we wouldn't be watching flog it in the first place, so how would we be making comments negative or positive. As for your mother being soap free you can get 2 bars of dove from the pound shop. (I know what you really meant )
jim bowen and bully .   3:05pm Thu 21 Sep

The best of its type

My Mum thinks Paul Martin is the King of presenters. All the negative reviews are from Philistines who only like drivel like darts and all those dreadful game shows. My Mum is soap free and only likes factual programmes,which help to keep her 95 year old brain active.
deebee   11:36am Thu 21 Sep


All Paul Martin and no show, it all revolves round him poor valuer and no content.Keeps turning up at places nothing to do with the programme.
ZILCH.   1:37pm Thu 10 Aug


Diane Abbot would make a good presenter on flog it better than Paul Martin don't you think?.
JEREMY.   3:19pm Mon 24 Jul

nothing but repeats

Are these programmes repeated for the auctioneers and experts to enter the celebrity Z list, same as Bargain Hunt!!
taffy   11:57am Tue 18 Jul