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6:20pm-7:00pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 3 Episode 3/6


Rough Justice The inmates are shocked to discover there is a thief in their midst, so Fletcher decides to stage a mock trial to bring the culprit to justice with the help of Slade's resident legal consultant Judge Rawley. Classic comedy, starring Ronnie Barker, Richard Beckinsale and Maurice Denham

Category: Sitcom

6:20pm-7:00pm (40 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

Total Fail !

...trying to copy original Ronnie Barker show, and failing miserably ! Total pony & trap.
FrankN   9:00pm Fri 13 Oct


Because Alex is 6.. that's why. Stick with Sponge Bob.
Yaspaa   12:10pm Sun 3 Feb

Great stuff!

RIP Ronnie Barker, comedic genius indeed.
WinstonStanleyGaylord   11:14am Tue 29 Dec

"comedy at its best"

'cos it comes from the west :)
me myself and Iman   1:32pm Christmas Day


humurous comedy classic worth watching for comedy genious of ronnie barker
mj   2:45pm Christmas Eve

How Ironic.

This really is the best thing on Saturday evening TV, it's also 35 years old. Says a lot for the tripe our TV companies now try to spoon feed us.
Mr Mackay   7:17pm Sat 14 Nov

You What!!

How can anyone say this is Bad!! Alex you are a Joker - this is a classic and one not to be missed...
Joker   12:35pm Tue 23 Dec

Stirring Stuff....

Classic comedy....why can't we have something like this nowadays(note to American comedy writers:-lots of shouting and running about don't count)
mandrake   6:43pm Thu 27 Dec


alex   8:08pm Sat 6 Oct