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2:40pm-3:45pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 2014 Episode 1/10

A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun

Sara Damergi helps Wiltshire residents Peter and Karen Greaves find a property for £50,000 or less on Spain's Costa Blanca

Category: Tourism/Travel

2:40pm-3:45pm (1 hour 5 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments


I want to invest in more property. Ca ching
landlord   6:52pm Tue 27 Dec


Since when was Ibiza a Greek island!
Margo   10:09pm Sun 17 Apr

Geography Lesson Reqd.

Ibiza in Greece? Really? Somebody needs Geography lessons. Pathetic blunder!
Zorba   8:47pm Sun 17 Apr


Lucky it's not called location location location, given the lack of geographical knowledge!
Devon Dan   10:35pm Sat 16 Apr

She is great fun

Really enjoy SD and she is fun. Very good and nothing negative to say!!
Propdevel   9:13pm Sun 10 Apr


She is dreadful, gushing ott & very offhand if the prospective buyers DARE to criticise the properties......... & please stop showing properties hugely over budget . idiots.......
Moanerlisa   6:19pm Fri 4 Mar

When was it filmed?

The prices shown are only relavent when one knows the date on which they were offered! It's a real pain to have to wait until the end of the show to discover what the value really is. At least one of this type of programme shows the date and exchange rate with the prices. Why hide it? (If you were a synic you would know the answer!)
Oscar   6:30pm New Years Eve

Happy show!

Escapism tv and its nice to dream! :)
Maryquitecontrary   8:52am Fri 26 Oct


Want to move now!
Joe joe   8:13am Fri 26 Oct

brilliant presenter

I thought Sara was very professional. You must be a personal friend of Jasmine!
unbiasedbill   5:09pm Wed 10 Oct