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2:00am-2:30am Thu 12 Oct
Season 3 Episode 2/13

Mystery Diners

Cheese-Burglar A pub owner in Los Angeles uses undercover surveillance to spy on a worker who she suspects is over-pouring for customers and giving away too many free drinks

Category: Cooking

Food Network
2:00am-2:30am (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments


Something fishy with S09E10. Supposedly aired first in 2015 and featuring a 'Rockin' Dopsie' but AllMusic claims he died back in 1993?
Davis   2:59am Thu 8 Jun


Food Network! What are you doing? You've repeated these episodes at least 100 times! And there are several complete seasons you still haven't shown! You're insulting your viewers!
Paul B   12:09am Fri 12 Aug


The Cooking Kiwi is an ignorant illiterate idiot. Good on Charles!
Stylish   10:15pm Wed 8 Jun


Repeat of a repeat of a repeat. It's not the show's fault. It's the cynical Food Network UK.
Stiles   11:32pm Mon 7 Dec

Already a repeat

This is already a repeat.
Same old same old   10:26pm Thu 24 Sep


This looks staged. Too much so.
Paul Bocuse   12:09am Tue 3 Mar