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10:30pm-11:30pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 8 Episode 4/8

Rude Tube

Massive Prankers Presenter Alex Zane continues his look at the best videos on the internet, with a countdown of the 50 greatest pranks - featuring clips of selfies, an intervention, and arguably the best horror trick to be found online

Category: General Show/Game Show

Series Producer: Daniel Riley
Producer: Martin Hammond
Executive Producer: Adam Bullmore


Presenter Alex Zane  (IMDB)

10:30pm-11:30pm (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments


I would really like to know the psy trance tune played for the man who beat the tube and ran to the tube station. I would very much appreciate it. Kind Regards TOM HAMER
Tommy   12:54am Tue 30 May

Do you really

need a TV programme to tell you what to watch on YouTube? How stupid are you?
You Will Be Outed   12:06am Sat 13 May

kitten in Christmas stocking

a cat should only be in a sock when you are going to drown it ....really....and oxygen is wasted on you...disgusting to think you thought this acceptable ..used to love your show ..will never watch again
ex fan   10:51pm Sun 27 Dec

the show is terrible all together

also the show is annoying unfunny and i for one dont watch this anymore because alex zane is a terrible presenter in my opinion and people need to realise this
camaz13456   10:21am Tue 8 Jul

sometimes voilent

even in the shows during the day and as what i would describe as a spin off, there is violence even sometimes between two animals, like one episode where the presenter describes two cats fighting as fun and entertaining i would strongly advise that children under 15 shouldn't watch this show.
camaz13456   10:13am Tue 8 Jul


cheap telly for mindless sheep
reading   7:42pm Sun 22 Dec

Really unfunny

This show used have some funny bits. Now the clips are the ones you would delete from your own phone cos you didn't catch the funny bit.
The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey   4:16am Wed 14 Aug

what the hell

what the hell is that o.m.g i really hate it (rude tube) because it is boring and also i love really rude hows cos i like the 9 channels.
loser22   8:08pm Fri 11 Jan


I find it very funny in fact It hilarious
big boy 61   6:23pm Mon 3 Dec


why didn't my previous comment show up?
sgsfg   11:03pm Thu 15 Nov