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11:40pm-12:05am Tue 12 Dec
Season 1

Rated A for Awesome

Best Frenemies Forever/Garbage In, Garbage Out Double bill. After embarrassing Chet in front of the entire town, the team is forced to restore his credibility or live with him for ever. When Max Awesome brings home a VIP from the center of the Earth, Les sees an opportunity to get rid of the mountains of trash he was supposed to take out - by serving it to the visiting Moleman dignitary

Category: Cartoons/Puppets

Disney XD
11:40pm-12:05am (25 minutes)   Tue 12 Dec

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Show Comments

Rated 8 for Awesome!

My rating was 8 out of 10. Rated A for Awesome is a great show. You can see all of the gang's creations.
Hazza   7:13pm Thu 22 Mar