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2:00pm-5:30pm Tue 10 Oct

The Official UK Top 40

Exclusive first look at the biggest selling songs of the week as we reveal the winners and losers of the race to the Official UK Number one spot

Category: General Music/Ballet/Dance

2:00pm-5:30pm (3 hours 30 minutes)   Tue 10 Oct

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I agree 100% with tvburner.
Me   8:27pm Sat 24 Apr

who the hell is Wes?

this show is hosted by sarah-jane crawford and is brilliant. much better than hit40uk rubbish on 4music
tvburner   11:33am Sat 23 Jan


jhalmdn ilfcg
m   8:07pm Thu 23 Apr


this rocks - hit40UK
Hannah   6:17pm Sat 28 Mar


it is a waste of good tv time and i would prefer new cribs to be on! I love that show it is fabb!!
Sammm :)   8:34pm Sat 2 Aug