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7:30pm-8:00pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 2 Episode 24/24


The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding Chandler becomes enamoured with a woman he meets on the internet, and the subject of children proves a thorny one for Monica and Richard. Rachel relives the ordeal of her failed wedding day while serving as bridesmaid at her former fiance's ceremony. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston

Category: Sitcom

Comedy Central
7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
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Show Comments

I miss Friends!

I want Friends back! How can they stop such an amazing show?!
Mrs.Shelley   3:41pm Tue 9 Apr

Saddest day ever

Friends was awesome! It needs to come back.
Kieran   1:11am Thu 14 Jun

Joey x

I cant believe that friends have ended shame on the people who ended it :( Friends was the best!!! They should put firends on again i miss it :(
Tina   5:58pm Thu 3 May

glad its ended

now all we have to do is collect every copy on the planet, and have a big burning.
karmell   6:41pm Wed 23 Nov

joey :L

gutted its ended :(
chandler   6:22pm Tue 22 Nov

shame on u

shame on u if u hate friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emo123   5:53pm Wed 2 Nov


All I ever watch is friend until it changed channel-my dad won't buy me the channel. Best ever soap on tv!!!!!!!!!
GG   8:00pm Tue 11 Oct

worst show of all time.

its true.
there was this bloke ina pub, and he said.   7:52pm Sun 4 Sep


I need a poop
DAN   6:17pm Sun 4 Sep

I love friends

I feel so sad that friends will end soon! I watch it everyday
andie   3:36pm Thu 30 Jun