Back to Grid Dave


10:00pm-11:00pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 3 Episode 1/8

Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish

Why Are There Still Chickens? Dave admits his addiction to `property porn', worries about the demise of surprise and invites the audience to conduct a live experiment with more than 1,000 eggs

Category: Comedy

10:00pm-11:00pm (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

Not my cup of tea!

Can't find anything to laugh at in Dave's show! Son says Dave has changed his show a lot Dave is a lovely personable chap, like him in other shows! Shake it up please Dave! ;) x
Bunty   10:06pm Mon 9 Jan

Missed it!

Really would like to catch this episode. Anyone know if it's on catchup anywhere?
Grey Area   9:17am Tue 8 Nov

Dear Dave Gorman

You're a funny guy, but please reduce the frequency of using the word: 'ladiesandgentlemen'.
St. Tomid   10:56pm Tue 15 Oct

Dave shows you dumb and dumber

1st show spots how dumb some people are or have been conditioned into sheeple who accept everything put before them and are unable of critical thinking.
pulling my own hair   10:10am Wed 18 Sep