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10:45am-11:50am Thu 12 Oct
Season 9 Episode 5/11

Police Interceptors

The series exploring the work of the North-East's high-speed police interception unit continues as Damo Stevens hunts down a heroin dealer, and Jacko rushes to a critical car crash. The interceptors are also called to investigate some potentially hazardous goods, and Kev makes an intriguing discovery in an airing cupboard. Plus, a young driver makes a mistake she may come to regret

Category: Factual Crime

10:45am-11:50am (1 hour 5 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments


For the dimwitted.
PP   2:22pm Tue 16 May

S6 E5

Totally misleading write up. NO tv legends in it.
The Critic   6:28pm Wed 15 Mar

bob holness

i really love blockbusters
jeremy kyle   7:02pm Tue 15 Mar


excellent programming.well done Channel 5
pete   10:34pm Mon 16 Nov

stripey shirt idiot

you should get arrested for that trampy shirt.. and the fact you threatening an officer. you are obviously known to them, why am I not suprised
daily male   8:31pm Mon 2 Nov


Who is the pr*t giving the commentary to this programme? Why can't he speak like a normal person, instead of adding his own vocabulary? Better still, grow up and get a proper job mate!
P V   12:30pm Sun 14 Sep

Made for TV drivel

Nothing like the real thing which would show very, very little action.
Plod   12:41pm Mon 3 Feb

So predictable

Give a moron a uniform and set him off to abuse his authority.
Bill   5:37pm Mon 2 Jul

pigs should be on farms

conditioning the sheep
Milly   7:17pm Wed 27 Jun

Changing of programmes

why is police interceptors on instead of 'the gillmore girls?'
Mike   3:12pm Thu 14 Jun