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1:50am-2:50am Wed 11 Oct
Season 4 Episode 8/16

First Dates

More singletons meet up for a blind date, including former boarding school pupil Hugo from last week, who is back for a second shot at love. Trainee opera singer Olympia takes centre stage for his encore performance - but will she hit all the right notes to win him over? Other hopefuls include ex-Playboy bunny Jacqui, who is paired up with ex-stripper Ricky, and sensitive soul Steven, who is hoping to find someone who will get along with the most important lady in his life - his nan. Will keen knitter Anna fit the bill?

Category: Documentary

1:50am-2:50am (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments

tonights superficitial daters

nice to look at but they would bore the s*** out of me after 5 minutes. Manners? hhm a few of em got dragged up by the looks of it. I like the equation, because you look nice you don't have to work on the rest.
daily male   11:34pm Fri 20 Nov

I like the blonde waitress

what ? why can't I have a date with her? . shes probably very married, knowing my luck or wouldn't look at me twice. I tired of dating money grabbing / late vacuous women a while back. I'm sure there are plenty of nice ones out there though :)
Daily Male   11:00pm Thu 24 Sep