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6:00am-6:30am Thu 12 Oct
Season 7 Episode 17/20

Cake Boss

Crabs, Communion, and a Comeback Pastry The team has to make a crab cake for a local marina about to open for tourist season - but the catch is that it has to be able to move

Category: Documentary

6:00am-6:30am (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Lets see it
Kc   2:24am Tue 18 Jul

TV listings UK?

Why are the listings in the UK, (discovery realtime) not showing the series in the order that it was aired in the US? Annoying.
William0   9:36pm Sat 24 Nov


The cakes are amazing! they should expand to england
CAKE-BOSS-BUDDY   8:50pm Fri 29 Oct

cake boss

the cakes are amazing and watching them being made addictive!Not toention the antics of the family.
mpc   2:00pm Sun 26 Sep

fantastic cakes

i love cake boss they make really good cakes like a cake i would love espeacialy the easter ones
kay   6:37pm Mon 30 Aug

great doc

Lively entertaining, ableit is it a bit put on, however I am addicted after just one epîsode if only to see how they make the amazing cakes
jamaicabun   8:01pm Tue 6 Jul

Cake boss

Buddy and his team are so creative and entertaining I love this prgramme. The cakes they make are brethe taking
Leah   7:22pm Fri 2 Jul