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CBS Reality

4:45am-5:10am Fri 13 Oct
Season 27 Episode 1/33


Batter Up A woman attacks a tow-service employee, a man with a warrant tries to explain away his drug use and a couple attempt to convince officers that they didn't shoplift

Category: Documentary

CBS Reality
4:45am-5:10am (25 minutes)   Fri 13 Oct

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Show Comments


I you think British cop shows are boring, watch this, nothing ever happens!
Dexterror   3:47pm Thu 4 Apr


No more filth on TV please.
Toby   4:37pm Tue 17 Jan

Are you mad?

The first threee commenters must be delusional. US cops are, for the most part, unintelligent thugs who get the job through friends. On the other hand British ones only kill innocent newspaper sellers and Brazilian electricians.
Inspector Gadget   4:42pm Tue 15 Feb


About 150 US cops are killed doing their duty every year. NOW you can understand why they hit hard. I would do the same, but faster.
BASH EM HARD   4:40pm Sun 6 Apr


US Cops are the best thing seen since RAMBO. What an incredible breed of people they are and a fine example to the rest of mankind.
SOCKEM CHAPS   11:01pm Mon 31 Mar


US cops are the ultimate bible of what a police force should look like and behave like. British police look like teenage skeletons in massive oversize clothes. They also have no idea about REAL policing. Guess they should all watch COPS.
RAMBO   11:23pm Thu 27 Mar