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5:30pm-6:00pm Tue 10 Oct
Season 13 Episode 4/20

How Do They Do It?

Cameras/Big Airbags/Jelly Beans How the world's sharpest photos are taken. Plus, the stitching of an airbag capable of catching a falling car, and the manufacture of billions of perfectly-formed jelly beans

Category: General Education/Science/Factual Topics

5:30pm-6:00pm (30 minutes)   Tue 10 Oct

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Show Comments

rating 10

an excellent show it should be on every channel.very intresting.
thrust 1000   4:14pm Sat 12 Jan


Robert Llewellyn is brillant!! So enthusiastic, upbeat, positive!!! love it
doug   7:25pm Thu 14 Apr

Excellent Show!

This television show, on five is very interesting!
RJC   6:41pm Mon 7 Dec

How do they do that?

HSA   7:53pm Mon 13 Jul


I take it all back.
Soops   7:49pm Mon 4 Feb

Bring Back Des Lynam

How Do They Do That? With Des Lynam. Nuff Said
Soops   7:31pm Mon 4 Feb