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5:30pm-6:00pm Mon 13 Nov
Season 1 Episode 6/20

Too Many Cooks

Jamie and Kathy, Alan and Allison, and Charlie and Janie cater for a housewarming party, but there are first-day nerves with underdone dishes and overcooked grub, and the straight-talking guests don't hold back with their verdicts on the food

Category: Cooking

Community Channel
5:30pm-6:00pm (30 minutes)   Mon 13 Nov

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Too Many Cooks

Kersten O'Brien on this one. Hating all the simpering, unfunny, girl voiceovers on this and other similar programmes - Dinner Date, New Life in The Sun. Who ever thinks this is a good idea. Im a woman and I dont like it!!!!!
Jilly   7:03pm Wed 13 Apr