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2:15am-4:00am Thu 16 Nov

Film The Bunker (2016)

A student seeks somewhere to work undisturbed on his scientific theory and rents a room in a couple's house in the snowy woods, a property that turns out be a bunker with no views of anything. His landlords then insist he help tutor their son Klaus, whom they say is aged eight, even though he looks nearer 30, and who they are convinced will one day become US president. German comedy horror, starring Pit Bukowski and Daniel Fripan

Category: Comedy

Certificate 18

2:15am-4:00am (1 hour 45 minutes)   Thu 16 Nov
(In Vision)

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Film Comments


Thin plot, rubbish script, no tension other than "ooh lets turn the lights off and make some loud noises, that'll make it scary!" and a rubbish ending. Well worth staying up for - NOT
Spat   12:46pm Fri 29 May


this film is soooo crappy, its not even scary no way is this a horror movie, its more like typical boring english drama, 3/10
AHMED NAMSO   12:08am Sun 17 May

Stupid film

The biggest problem with this film is simple the cast don't speak with a german accent which completly defeats the object of the film.
Talica   2:44am Sat 16 May