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7:00pm-7:30pm Tue 13 Mar
Season 18 Episode 41/187


Bearing Gifts When Mrs Tembe hears a rumour about a man she knew in her past, she decides to confront him, but unwittingly walks into an explosive situation

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

BBC Entertainment
7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes)   Tue 13 Mar

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Show Comments


does her own nut in. Surely a gossip in the wrong job??
lila   9:04pm Sun 11 Mar


Valerie does my nut in.
Squij.   5:40pm Sat 10 Mar

Prev comm

It does not need to be a farce either!
gina   10:57pm Fri 9 Mar

Get a grip!

To all those moaners and groaners when was any soap meant to be a public information service? Great cast and gelling well.
Reality strikes   3:32pm Fri 9 Mar


Seriously the scriptwriters must be having a laugh!
lila   2:08pm Fri 9 Mar

Mad to watch this...

This programme takes TRIPE to a whole new level. Couldn't everyone involved in this soap be better employed? What about picking up plastic around the coastline... in the Antarctic!
P V   1:49pm Fri 9 Mar

Gay Practice Manager?

I gave up watching recently. So glad I did. Fgs writers give it a rest......we get it!
don'tbelieveallyouread   6:51pm Wed 14 Feb


So the gay practice managers boyfriend can't accept a red rose in hospital because of hygiene, but they can get up to all sorts in a cupboard. What's hygienic about that.
Sceptic.   2:13pm Wed 14 Feb

Been sniffing glue?

Is the script writer getting any treatment? He/She needs some rapidly.
R U A Nutta   2:45pm Fri 9 Feb

we don´t need it

What men (women) do in private, is their business, but we don´t need it on TV, utterly disgusting.
Kipper   3:03pm Wed 7 Feb