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2:30pm-4:20pm Thu 16 Nov

Film Dad's Army (2016)

The officious captain of a seaside town's home guard platoon tries to maintain the reputation and morale of his troops as the Second World War draws to a close. He finds himself dealing with the hunt for a German spy as well as a female journalist sent to report on the exploits of the brave but bumbling soldiers. Comedy based on the TV series, starring Toby Jones, Bill Nighy and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Category: Comedy

Certificate PG

Sky Cinema Comedy
2:30pm-4:20pm (1 hour 50 minutes)   Thu 16 Nov
(Subtitles) (Audio Described)

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Film Comments

Geoff from the UK

This really is Dad's army at it's finest. Absolutely genius all the way.
Geoff from the UK   7:26pm Sat 17 Sep


The greatest comedies were made by the BBC in or around the 1970's. No swearing, no filth, but hilarious.
Karen P   5:35pm Christmas Eve

old stuff

no swear words in this yet we still laugh, terrible init!!
chalkie   7:01pm Sat 30 Jul

not quite dead

pike is in a t.v. soap now.
blok downt pub   10:54am Sun 12 Jun


Absolutely pant-wettingly funny!
HMeech   8:10am Sat 7 May


It is so funny and entertaining. I like Jones and Pike the best.
Nem   5:35pm Sat 12 Mar


i love dad's army' well written, well acted. particularly john laurie when private frazer has a story to tell.
when britain was great   2:34pm Sat 29 Jan


... episode (season 3, number 11 of 14) was brilliant. 10 out of 10.
Sarah, Dover   10:36am Sun 24 Oct

A true masterpiece

It's a shame the bbc never repeats these shows properly with a regular time slot. Just random episodes at random times
Syrilian   7:31pm Sun 10 Oct


Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler? When you think we're on the re-run.
Stabben   8:18pm Sat 28 Aug