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9:00am-10:00am Wed 11 Oct
Season 3 Episode 21/24


The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse Forensic pathologist Teresa Coulter is drafted in by Harm and Mac to help investigate the identity of human remains that were sent to the family of a Navajo code-talker. The tribe's elders insist that professional confirmation is sought since they don't believe the body they have been sent is really that of their kinsman

Category: General Movie/Drama

CBS Action
9:00am-10:00am (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

To "What happened next?"

The show was cancelled at end of series 1 and then resurrected again, hence Rab's new partner the same actor who plays his dead friend in the unconcluded episode, "literally" resurrected into the restored series.
Top Gun   8:51am Wed 4 Oct

What happened next?

What happened to the 2nd programme of two at the end of series 1? Last seen Cmd Rabb was arrested and taken away by NCIS and who was the murderer?
Disappointed.   5:35pm Fri 14 Oct

Stupid CBS

What are you doing to us loyal watchers of Jag????Suddenly the series stops and you go back to showing series1!!are you mad or what
ex pat   5:10pm Thu 19 Jul

Not amused!

Why on earth would anyone stop televising a TV show at the end of season 3 with the first part of a two part story? Then go back to showing the first season again? Sooooooo frustrating!!!
Confused in France   12:37pm Sun 25 Jul

Who murdered the female pilot?

Fell asleep in the last 15 mins so who threw the female pilot off the carrier? Please! Regards, Digigirl
Digigirl   8:31pm Wed 3 Feb


On first viewing I was not to thirlled. I have grown to like it a lot. Singer is one obnocious female though, yuk!! Worth at least a 7 or 8
charliemor45   6:50pm Sat 19 Jan