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4:00pm-4:30pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 5 Episode 20/22

2 Broke Girls

And the Partnership Hits the Fan A law firm courting Randy for a job invites him and Max to dinner at a trendy new restaurant, but their cuisine does not sit well with the outspoken waitress

Category: Comedy

4:00pm-4:30pm (30 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments

Season 6?

When will E4/Channel 4 be showing the final season?
KatFan   8:38am Sun 24 Sep

Is this a SHOW

I am sorry that I did try and watch it. But all I could see was two mouths with faces round them. iT WOULD appear that is quite common nowadays very big lips with lots of bright red stuff on them.
brockle   8:57pm Sat 8 Jun

This is a awesome show

don't hate on this programme people watch it becouse they like if you don't like then don't watch it.
bvbsean   7:05pm Tue 2 Apr

Best TV of 2012?

Wow, please tell me you are kidding, I mean if you're serious I fear for you, I truly fear for your mental health. This show is by no means a show about 2 struggling women, it's a show that is about the Lowest Common Denominator and the old jokes rehashed a million times. Frasier is a sitcom, this is an abomination. God I feel sorry for people who like this sort of thing.
Peat and Repete   8:47pm New Years Eve

Best TV of 2012

In today’s recessive economy, we celebrate a show that follows the hilarious trials and tribulations of two broke girls. The comedy shows that a programme focusing on women can appeal to both genders.
TVGuide   10:31am Tue 11 Dec


Kat Dennings take the gum out of your mouth, its not a good look for you!
Dexter   9:09pm Thu 6 Sep


.... if the tarantula has a really good stand-up act.
Dave Continuation   11:28am Fri 17 Aug


As funny as finding a tarantula in your boot
Dave   6:31pm Wed 1 Aug

Three More Words

Love ... this ... show....!!!
Living Vicariously   10:55am Thu 12 Jul

2 Broke Girls

I have 3 words to say about this and most US sitcoms... LOWEST... COMMON... DENOMINATOR!
Pete and Repete   3:04pm Mon 4 Jun