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BBC1 London

12:15pm-1:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 45 Episode 4/32

Bargain Hunt

Builth Wells 2 Thomas Plant and Kate Bliss help two teams at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells seek out items that will turn a profit at auction. Presented by Natasha Raskin

Category: Antiques/Collectibles

BBC1 London
12:15pm-1:00pm (45 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
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Show Comments

Today's show

Phillip Serrell knew too well that brown furniture is rock bottom for demand - what a bad loss on the table!
taffy   9:56pm Tue 17 Oct

car booters.

They should give the teams £50 each to spend at a car boot, minus the experts, a term I use loosely.
pegasus viii   8:27pm Tue 17 Oct

PUT BY????

Why does P. Serrell ask nearly all dealers to PUT IT BY FOR NOW, if the team wants an item for god sake buy it.
JAKE.   12:07pm Tue 17 Oct

absolute joke.

The blues bonus buy, what an absolute bloody joke! Serrell couldn't care less .
magpie.   11:58am Tue 17 Oct

anita manning

what is going on with BH, has it gone all Scotch, who will we have as the next expert? Nichola Sturgeon?
oscar   11:38am Tue 17 Oct

Bargain Hunt

the way it's going will follow Crimewatch - need to get rid of the 'copycat' and 'unflavourable' presenters !
taffy   9:21am Tue 17 Oct

long time viewre

l have watched and enjoyed this programme for a long time, it was much better when Tim was in charge, but nowadays, we have amateurs heading the show, The Scots are the worse,presenters, especially N R
MIKEM   4:52pm Mon 16 Oct

Natasha comnents

Are you all one and the same person?? It is getting boring now. I want to read other views about BH not the same old. The powers that be take no notice so give it a rest fgs,
reuben   4:23pm Mon 16 Oct


l switched her off , and watched, daily Politics, why does the producers have her on the show, she is on a different planet
MIKEM   3:08pm Mon 16 Oct

natasha Raskin

Oh no not her again, are they trying to get us to change to Loose Women on ITV
Oscar   11:22am Mon 16 Oct