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7:00pm-8:00pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 11 Episode 5/8


Coast: The Great Guide: Our North Sea Coast Neil Oliver and Tessa Dunlop continue their comprehensive guide to Britain's coastline, this time turning attention to the North Sea coast, a stretch that takes in two nations, and is bordered by a pair of huge estuaries, the Forth in Scotland, and the Humber in England. Neil sheds light on a military shipbuilding project in Rosyth, and heads to the island of Inchmickery to investigate a bird colony with a difference. From there, he tells a tragic story that still haunts the fishing village of Eyemouth, and then visits the holy island of Lindisfarne to make a dramatic archeological discovery

Category: Nature/Animals/Environment

BBC2 London
7:00pm-8:00pm (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct
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Show Comments

An amazing trip

This is a wonderful trip around the coast, such an interesting and informative program it makes you want to experience all these remote and interesting places, great presenters, and not a single so called celebrity in sight....bliss Well done BBC2
Mimi   6:30pm Fri 13 Oct


The production style is incredibly irritating. I fast forward five or six minutes to avoid the "great guide" preamble only to find it is repeated in some way every ten minutes and then summarised at the end. It treats the audience as idiots.
Pauleb   9:50pm Sun 6 Nov

Coast:The Great Guide

We always enjoyed original Coast but The Great Guide has a bizarre edit format. It is repetitive and disjointed. A low brow magazine style which lacks substance and continuity.
Landlubber   8:40pm Wed 5 Oct


What was the music played during the opening sequence about the launch of the row round Britain?
Devonden   5:45pm Wed 6 Jan

Need a tour

We would love to travel to some of the many locations visited. Any suggestions?
maple Leaf   11:59pm Sat 16 May

Music in secret paths to hidden treasures

Does anyone know the awe inspiring music which accompanies the cape wrath scenes in this episode? (Series 9) - you would make my year
Lundy   10:05pm Sat 10 Jan

Nick Crane

As much as I find Coast interesting, why does Nick Crane speak in that ridiculous manner?
King Billy   5:06pm Sat 1 Nov

Neil yes - Nick no.

Nick Crane has a speaking style best used in a pulpit. Bring back Neil I say!
Gazza   11:00pm Thu 2 Oct

Where's Neil

This is nothing without Neil. Sorry.
Oliver   7:53pm Tue 22 Jul

Miss Neil Oliver

I miss Neil Oliver, sadly I find Nicholas Crane dull.
Beth   11:05pm Wed 29 Jan