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11:15am-12:10pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 4 Episode 20/25

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away

Paul and Ben try to drill through the locks on a property to evict the residents, only to find to their surprise that the door has been modified with some special reinforced metal. Elsewhere, Delroy and Brian try to reclaim money a garage owes to a customer and are shocked by the condition of the vehicle in question, and a woman who has acted as guarantor for her sister's tenancy does not realise the extent of her responsibilities

Category: Documentary

Channel 5
11:15am-12:10pm (55 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
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Show Comments


Who was the mayor? she was very nice
Bosh   10:00pm Wed 19 Apr


Has Paul Bohill got a fan club? If he has, I want to join it. Great guy, great sense of humour too.
P V   1:12pm Tue 18 Apr

What Idiots

the scousers from Flintshire made themselves look. But then again, what else would you expect from that lot.
The Critic   6:22pm Sun 22 Jan


The younger ones are arrogant, hiding behind their badges. Yes its a job, but there are other jobs! They enjoy being bullies. So they have 'the law' on their side? The people putting the laws in place and stamping their precious paperwork are crooks and as bent as they get! Hardly people to hide behind! Bullies.
Claude   7:38pm Sun 13 Nov

nice car, can't pay ?

got a very nice 15 plate car and can't pay.. yer right.. FLOG IT.
daily male   9:20pm Wed 20 Apr

How the other half live

The sympathy is usually for the evicted and rarely for the landlord who has lost out. But amazing that so many say they were unaware of pending eviction and have had no notice.
Peewit   12:20pm Wed 30 Sep