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10:00am-11:00am Thu 12 Oct
Season 7 Episode 18/18

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Reunion - Part Two Part two of two. Joe Gorga and Chris Laurita join the women to discuss Teresa's allegation. Dolores strives to keep the group from unravelling

Category: Challenge/Reality Show

10:00am-11:00am (1 hour )   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

someoneĀ“s asked this before....

....but how do people so obviously lacking in brain cells get to live such luxurious lives ?
grumpyoldwoman   9:41pm Mon 1 Oct

Are there no real women in America?

Apparently not. We've had the awful Orange ones, now we must suffer the "nu joisy" ones. Give us a break!
Rover   5:27pm Fri 15 Jul

It's TV

It's just a tv program. Just like watching any other reality program that's out there now. Watching it just puts more money in there pockets. Like someone said earlier if you don't like it don't watch it. I like it i thinks it's funny as hell!
Suzy Q   5:04pm Wed 12 Jan

how on earth.........

.......can so many seemingly moronic people end up with so much dosh ?
g   6:18pm Thu 2 Dec

america sucks

and blows
Phill A. Stien.   12:49am Mon 9 Aug

I hate america

and i'm certain i'm not the only one
anti-merica   3:27am Sun 8 Aug


Surely there must be a genuine, real, lovely woman out there ~ someone like the princess in Disney's Aladdin.
G. Knee   12:35am Wed 28 Oct


Genuinely the scariest tv EVER.
Can't be real.   12:20am Wed 28 Oct


Too OTT~ this is clearly a spoof.
Paradeeeee   12:11am Wed 28 Oct

Real Housewives today; Loose Women tomorrow...

All women are like this in reality. That is why it is important to keep them vailed and silent.
Respect Ancient Wisdom   12:06am Wed 28 Oct