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4:00pm-5:00pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 7 Episode 18/21

Gold Rush

Miners v Beavers Six men from Oregon put everything on the line and head to Alaska to dig for gold, hoping to strike big and avoid financial ruin despite being novices

Category: Challenge/Reality Show

4:00pm-5:00pm (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

Tough luck Fred

try your luck in hollywood.
todd   6:53pm Fri 14 Feb


It never occurred to me for a second that this show is fake. Perhaps there are some exaggerations and some "artistic" editing but fake? I don't think so.
Pete and Repete   5:43pm Fri 23 Aug

Not a Documentary

This is obviously a staged event as these lads aint made NO MONEY and now they're relocating to Guyana.......we aint all gullible Raw TV.
Not more of this drivel   7:15pm Tue 13 Nov

Farcical people

These are virtually the "Worst miners ever" they are so clueless that if their brains were dynamite they wouldn't have enough to blow their noses
Bad Show   7:40pm Wed 20 Jun

Terrible Actors

These boys are the worst actors I've ever seen,how are they going to the Klondike when they have made no money????
Baboon   7:30pm Thu 10 May

Scripted Crap

Not to mention the wooden acting,a real-life con who'd let this lot loose,they'd probably only hurt themselves.And to try and get the ratings up for a fictitious ailment on a toddler is beyond filth
Annoyed   5:23pm Wed 20 Jul