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11:00pm-12:05am Thu 23 Mar

Extraordinary People

The return of the documentary telling remarkable tales of human experience from around the world, beginning with a woman who lives with a rare skin condition. Nusrit `Nelly' Shaheen from Coventry is the oldest known survivor of Harlequin Ichthyosis, which causes the skin to grow 10 times faster than normal. As a result, her skin cracks and appears scaly, and she spends four hours every day scrubbing off layers of dead skin. The film follows Nelly as she goes about her daily routines and as she meets others sufferers, as well as her desperate search for treatment to alleviate her symptoms

Category: Documentary

Channel 5 +1
11:00pm-12:05am (1 hour 5 minutes)   Thu 23 Mar
(New Series) (Subtitles)

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Factually incorrect!!!! I have a daughter with the exact same conditions as the lovely Noah, so do lots & lots of other children I know. It's a shame the program couldn't of had more accurate information.........very disappointing!!
Mummy of a sb little girl   3:18pm Wed 19 Oct

Misleading info if hydro

channel 5 portrayed that nah grew a brain you can not grow a brain us parents if hydro and spina biota ate angry at the concept that they git no brains
kaydens mam   1:13pm Wed 19 Oct

Extraordinary people

Absolutely life changing programme. Has made me want to help and have a more active role in aid work. This could have been prevented if Erick had access to medical help sooner.
Georgia   10:28pm Tue 4 Oct