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11:30am-12:30pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 4 Episode 1/23

The A-Team

Judgement Day - Part One Part one of two. The gang embarks on a trip to Europe to rescue a kidnapped girl. Action adventure, starring George Peppard and Dirk Benedict

Category: General Movie/Drama

11:30am-12:30pm (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

Worst Version Ever

my DVD is widescreen, this is pillarboxed,i do not watch my shows pillarboxed, spike did not even warn viewers of this
Family Zone - Namco   12:17pm Mon 9 Oct

Worlds Worst Programme

Entertainment(?) for the brain dead.
the Critic   11:25am Thu 20 Jul

For what it is ..

... worth watching. Good entertainment.
Don;t worry about the plot.   8:06pm Sun 3 Jul


You obviously don't appreciate a play on words. Stick with the A Team, there more your level.
sid   10:08am Sun 9 Jan


Obviously you don't appreciate a "play on words". Stay with the "a" team, there just your level
sid   5:36pm Sat 8 Jan


under a poneytail? isn't that a neck? nothing beginign with A. But i know that your talking out of an A which is located behind 2 cheeks which your sitting on.
flog   12:59pm Wed 28 Jul


What A stands for. Clue;- one under every ponytail.
blog   8:09am Sun 24 May

mr t!

mother there is no other....
johnny   5:55pm Mon 15 Dec

Crazy Fool!

I aint getting on no plane!!
BA Baracus   5:29pm Tue 23 Sep