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11:00pm-12:00am Tue 10 Oct
Season 18 Episode 16/21

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

The Newsroom Benson and Barba ask witnesses to risk their jobs when a news anchor makes a rape accusation against her boss on the air

Category: Detective/Thriller

Universal Channel
11:00pm-12:00am (1 hour )   Tue 10 Oct

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Show Comments

excellent series

What a fantastic series, superbly acted by all those in it. Its refreshing to watch an American tv show without the laughable explosions and equally laughable scripts
jikoo   4:16pm Wed 21 May


I love this series. Not half as formulaic as the CSI series. The stories are good and involving, the characters work very well together. Very enjoyable.
Mr Fraggles   8:46pm Thu 3 Sep


soooooooo gooooddd
da   7:15pm Sun 16 Aug


Channel 5 should really think about bidding for some more US cop dramas. I think there's a half-hour slot at 04:30 when they aren't running one that they could fill.
mrmr   9:06pm Thu 13 Aug


Stabler's kid goes right nutty in this one. Oliviia is always too suspicious of folk and despite her stunning features is hard to like.
jennamac   8:51pm Mon 4 May


great show with a great cast that compliment each other perfectly
sarah   7:57pm Tue 12 Aug

Law and Order, Special Victims Unit

Admittedly this spin off is a little more raw. Nevertheless the characters are great. Well worth the time.
charliemor45   11:40am Sun 18 Nov