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11:05pm-12:10am Wed 11 Oct
Season 13 Episode 6

24 Hours in A&E

A 58-year-old woman is brought into the hospital after being run over by a lorry, suffering severe blood loss. Doctors are concerned that nerves and tissue in her leg may have suffered irreparable damage. Meanwhile, a 65-year-old man is treated after falling from a loft ladder, and a mischievous 85-year-old shows signs of severe dehydration

Category: Medicine/Health

11:05pm-12:10am (1 hour 5 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
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Show Comments


Poor production with obvious mistakes in continuity and factual filming
Snowy   11:30pm Sat 8 Jul


Where can i find a list of the doctors on this programme?
Elvis   2:05pm Fri 15 Jul


Does anyone know the acoustic piano solo that is usually played when something sad is happening
AJ   5:04pm Tue 14 Jun

excellent episode

Excellent episode, so down to earth and real.
valh   9:55pm Wed 20 Jan

Grammar correction

Looking at the description of the last sentence, it looks as though Frances has dementia and not Florence. Possible to correct it?
F   9:18pm Thu 29 Oct

yet more kids having kids

yet more kids on here with a baby, they can't be more than 16,if that. I'm far older and wouldn't bring kids into the world *unless* I could support them.. so why are they expecting me to go out and pay tax for their kids, that they obviously don't support yet!
daily male   10:23pm Wed 7 Jan


Seriously want to invite Monica over for dinner!!!! My kids have fallen in love with her x
Cherie   10:03pm Wed 26 Feb

Phil is a hero

If you firer Phil I will never watch A&E again!!!
Christian   1:43am Thu 19 Dec

no wonder there are no council flats.

"oh the dad lives in his own place".. and YER we are the idiots funding you and your kids rent?.. is he paying ? hhmm.. they should stop that.. want kids the dads can pay for them, people who work shouldn't have to.. Are they on the dole also?
daily male   9:21pm Wed 20 Nov

Hey Agatha

Agatha - go and sit in your local A&E for a little while and you will hear this happening. Unless they throw you out!
Angel   5:24pm Wed 17 Jul