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12:00pm-1:00pm Tue 10 Oct

The Big Match Revisited

A look back at some classic editions of The Big Match. This episode, from 20th February 1977, features Manchester United v Newcastle, Arsenal v West Ham and Hull v Bolton

Category: Football - Club

BT Sport 2
12:00pm-1:00pm (1 hour )   Tue 10 Oct

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readers letters

Great watching and good memories palace games especially can't believe they used to read out names and addresses though
thorpy63   7:32pm Sat 10 Nov

Big Match DVD

You can get hold of the Big Match on DVD now. There are 7 releases for different clubs at the moment and I think there will be more soon. Search on Amazon or similar for Big Match. I have the West Ham one which goes all the way back to the first season and a cracking 4-3 match with QPR. Fantastic
FlipBook   12:14am Sun 31 May


It's great seeing some of these old matches with less diving and more efoort by the players.
steve666b   10:24am Sat 4 Apr

Available on DVD

This is a great series...please can you produce them on DVD..that would be excellent.
Steve Whit   2:50pm Mon 23 Feb


NAGO   5:41pm Sat 24 Jan

Big match revisited

Its good to watch football on the television from the 70s and 80s before it went mad with money .
PIZZAMAN   10:11pm Sat 17 Jan

channel numbers

Your website is great! It would be even greater if you provided channel numbers for freeview/sky/telewest on your grid? Is this possible?
S Clark   4:09pm Thu 28 Feb