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CBS Drama

12:00am-12:30am Wed 11 Oct
Season 15 Episode 134

Judge Judy

The disastrous test drive of a 30-year-old motorcycle leaves the bike's owner demanding more than the vehicle was worth from the young woman injured on the ride

Category: General Education/Science/Factual Topics

CBS Drama
12:00am-12:30am (30 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

America in microcosm

We love JJ. Always direct and to the point with the morons before her. Too much time spent on ads though, compared to programe content. We record the prog and FF as necessary.
CardinalBiggles   11:11pm Thu 7 Feb

Waffles FTW

I like waffles
MrWaffle   8:31am Wed 6 Feb

Mrs H Evans

The only programme worth watching on TV (and I have HD as well)is Judge Judy- she speaks clearly, and the cases are varied and interesting No Judge Judy-= No SKY TV for me!
pussy galore   12:33am Tue 10 Jul

Which season is it?

Hi,Could anyone pls tell me which season is on ITV2? Date, case number anything would help.
Kim   10:22am Mon 23 Apr

Best show ever made!

This is a life-education course for most people 18-45! should be oompulsory viewing for anyone in this age group if only to learn mutual respect, responsibility to self and others and good ole HONESTY in dealing with the opposite sex!!
gus 08   3:11pm Thu 12 Jan

New series!

When? Please don't let us wait any longer!
Ming   5:27pm Mon 14 Nov


ALLABOUTTV!   6:10pm Thu 14 Apr

judge judy

why can't we watch JJ on itv iplayer
jt101   5:54pm Fri 4 Feb

judge judy

The best programme on TV.
jt101   5:32pm Fri 4 Feb

This show looks very out dated

Thet surely could show the new episodes
billy   7:12pm Mon 18 Oct