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9:00pm-11:40pm Tue 14 Nov

Film X-Men 2 (2003)

Mutant heroes the X-Men are forced into an uneasy alliance with arch-enemy Magneto to battle a common foe. Following an attempt on the US president's life, a sinister military scientist launches a raid on Professor Xavier's school and hatches a plan to rid the world of all mutants. Superhero adventure sequel, starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Alan Cumming, Halle Berry and Brian Cox

Category: Adventure

Certificate 12

9:00pm-11:40pm (2 hours 40 minutes)   Tue 14 Nov

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Film Comments


Well there's a great big blue furry guy. Anyway I meant the movie not the lack of short hairy men. short hairy men.
Sean Connery   8:00pm Sat 17 Apr


Yeah, they're gonna have a 5'3 hairy brute as the lead, if that's you're reason, that's lame. that's lame.
Yaspaa   12:40pm Wed 14 Apr

No it's not

It's probably the best of the trio but I thought they were all pretty lame. Why's Wolverine so nice, he's supposed to be a bit of a hairy little brute. It really needed some big balls you know, some raaah.
Anna Paquin   8:52pm Tue 13 Apr

Cracking Movie

Title says it all, this movie is great.
Yaspaa   8:20pm Tue 13 Apr