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Channel 4 + 1

12:55am-1:55am Fri 13 Oct
Season 10 Episode 5


Fly-on-the-wall series in which TV viewers share more of their sharp, insightful, passionate and sometimes emotional critiques of the week's biggest and best shows from the comfort of their own sofas

Category: General Show/Game Show

Series Editor: Leon Campbell
Executive Producer: Tania Alexander

Channel 4 + 1
12:55am-1:55am (1 hour )   Fri 13 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments


Absolutely love this programme. The people watching the telly are hilarious. The best
Deb   8:12pm Thu 7 Sep

Jenny and Lee

Hilarious and Funny
Sal   10:51am Sat 3 Jun

Unfortunate comments

I was unhappy with some of the comments about Barry Manilow on last night's Gogglebox. Giles and Mary were the biggest offenders. Incredibly stupid comments about one of the greatest entertainers in the world.
Jackdaw   8:10am Sat 13 May

Gogglebox Ireland

Gogglebox UK has gone off the boil,but Gogglebox Ireland is hilarious,could possibly be better than the original.
alcapone3382   6:25am Tue 14 Mar


much bad language really is not needed
maz   7:03am Sun 12 Mar

Why nutty nickname?

Can someone enlighten me why Giles calls Mary nutty ? My favourites are the two male hairdressers.
Jackdaw   1:51am Tue 7 Mar

It's lost it's sparkle

It's gone off the boil now.I still love the siddiquis and Ellie and Lizzy,and Giles and Mary,but the new bunch are very boring. Also,I think the way some of the families swear is horrible.Sandra is completely held back without sandi.It's had it's day.
Lizzie   1:27am Wed 1 Mar

the fat trappers

they should all be on a diet
jk   11:44pm Sun 26 Feb

Ah ahaa hhaaaa

Yes harry
G-reg   1:57am Sun 19 Feb

Less interesting viewers

These two older ladies from Bristol - I am sure they are lovely - but really not interesting. And getting so much airtime? hmm
Flam   12:47am Sun 11 Dec