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9:00pm-10:00pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 6 Episode 5/6


Will and Stella's new friendship is starting to get on Michael's nerves, while love is in the air for Nadine as Ponty Partners hosts its first matchmaking night

Category: Comedy

Sky One
9:00pm-10:00pm (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

Episode 10 music

Does anyone know the title and artist of the music that accompanied the closing credits?
Resolver1955   11:45am Sat 6 Oct

well done looking forward to next episode

wasnt sure at first but have enjoyed. well done
poppy   10:17pm Fri 9 Mar

Marginally better

than Gavin and Stacey (but that's not difficult).
TV Numbs The Mind   3:40pm Thu 23 Feb


anyone know which south wales valley this is please
sami   2:12pm Fri 13 Jan

Brill brill brill

Looks great - another Jones cracker
okeedokee   1:54pm Wed 14 Dec


trailer is true to life in a very funny way
smackarooney   1:19pm Wed 14 Dec


Can't wait for the series.
wishfulthinka   11:13am Wed 14 Dec

Good beer

bad movie
chavtastic   1:09pm Thu 15 Jul