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2:20am-3:05am Fri 13 Oct
Season 12 Episode 1/6

Red Dwarf

Cured New series. The sci-fi comedy returns, starring Craig Charles. The crew stumble on a science centre where vile historical figures have been ?cured' of evil

Category: Science Fiction

2:20am-3:05am (45 minutes)   Fri 13 Oct
(Audio Described)

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Show Comments

Absolute tosh

Series 9 was pathetic, series 10 is even worse and the canned laughter is pathetic. would you exhume a corpse for no reason? NO. So leave RD in the annuls of TV and stop trying to milk the franchise for every penny you can get. 0.1 out of 10
canned laughter = poor prompts   11:53am Sat 10 Nov

Crack Smoking

Great to see rehab working for Craig Charles. Replacing crack cocaine with lard has helped his life and the Lister character.
Banjo Bob   11:44pm Sat 3 Nov

Oh dear...

Back to Earth ruined it all. The other episodes were amusing though!
_   7:04pm Sat 7 Jan

too many cuts

what for?
reality   5:33pm Mon 17 Oct

Censored episodes

Don't bother as Dave are cutting stuff out. Way to ruin a classic comedy show.
Biggus Conkus   12:28am Mon 17 Oct

ran on too far

should have quit at series 3
get real   10:27am Fri 20 May


Typical over rated Sci-Fi carp. Geeks may love it but the truth is it was never the same after series 3!
Pathetic   5:18pm Wed 18 May


i don't think robert llewellyn played kryton in this one????
faz   5:23pm Sun 12 Sep


Doug Naylor should make two more series at least the CGI effects were BRILLIANT in Back to Earth :)
Smeg & Head   6:40am Sun 21 Jun


brillbo just brillbo
space cadet 77   7:46pm Sun 17 May