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12:00pm-12:30pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 4 Episode 13

The Bill

Bad Faith CID officers organise a stakeout to trap a burglar who has escaped from custody

Category: Police/Crime Drama

12:00pm-12:30pm (30 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

no angel.

Best character ever was Gabriel Kent, played by todd carty. The murderous, twisted copper.
jaybird.   3:14pm Wed 12 Apr

Prev comm

I agree with you. They don't make them like it anymore. The early ones are even better if you get the chance.
reuben   2:13pm Wed 12 Apr


The bill is so good that I watch it all the time I am not at school
Pp   11:02am Wed 12 Apr

A big bowl of anus soup.

HA! HA! HA! unbelivable stories and MFI school of acting level performances - what a load of absolute pish . GFR.
Ricardo   5:00pm Fri 14 Feb

where 's the Old Bill gone?

I sat down today Mon.Jan 6th to enjoy my favourite programme and find its all changed and there's such a stupid story line. Bring back the Old Bill I cry!
Jinnie   8:36pm Mon 6 Jan

fab show

fab show
dale   1:07pm Fri 6 Dec

No bill

A family refuse to pay for their gas and write to the company giving them a piece of their minds
Duck bill   10:45am Fri 27 Sep

the bill

fits the bill nicely it does
kevlad   3:10pm Fri 30 Aug

the bill

i would like to see it again in 2013
peter   10:02pm Thu 23 May

lost its way years ago

the best thing that happened is when it was put down.
get real   10:01pm Sun 2 Jan