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7:30pm-8:00pm Thu 12 Oct

The Sky at Night

A look at the reasons behind renewed interest in sending manned missions to the moon, with plans by technology companies to build a permanent base on the satellite

Category: Technology

7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
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Show Comments


KD   5:08pm Sun 16 Oct

bye bye roseta

Had me glued to the tv love this program
j4j   12:31am Mon 3 Oct


will tonight be the night he finally plays it?
heinzie   9:33pm Sun 3 Jul

Make it sexier with...

More from that bird in Queen with the permed hair, yeah?
Chalfont   11:25pm Sun 5 Jun

sky at night brilliant but eclipsed

It's a great programme and I love it, having watched it consistently for the last 30-odd years. It seems fairly obvious to me the BBC aren't interested in increasing the time slot, which is a shame, however there are plenty of other informative programmes about astronomy on TV.
stargazer   9:04pm Tue 8 Mar


This show deserves more time and a far better time slot.
Bear   2:35pm Sun 2 Jan

Sky at Night

There are not many programs as good as this very informative
Roj   5:01pm Tue 7 Dec

It's high time the BBC

started catering for intelligent people. Their restaurant
is a disgrace   10:11am Sat 9 Oct

Come on BBC

This is a great program, yet we only get 30 mins every month. And then the first showing is cut to 20mins and shown on BBC1 after midnight! Surely you could spare those ten minutes? Then I always have to wait for the repeat on BBC4 to see what I missed. We need more stuff like this.
trash man   12:10am Tue 5 Oct

Superb Programme

I just want to say three things: I've been watching this program for over forty years; Sir Patrick is an absolute star; and man HAS set foot on the moon.
YouWeren'tThereMan!   3:02pm Sat 7 Aug