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7:00am-9:30am Tue 10 Oct

Good Morning Britain

Danny Baker talks about his new book Going on the Turn and the second series of his autobiographical sitcom Cradle to Grave. Presented by Susanna Reid, Piers Morgan and Charlotte Hawkins

Category: Magazine Show

ITV London +1
7:00am-9:30am (2 hours 30 minutes)   Tue 10 Oct

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Show Comments


Piers moron is a sociopath.
Min.   9:22pm Wed 27 Sep

Piers Moron

Can hardly ever be called "a breath of fresh air". His past history is testament to that. His arrogance and name dropping knows no bounds. It's all very sad really!
reuben   9:15pm Wed 27 Sep

Piers Morgan Show

Piers Morgan was a breathe of fresh air and quite entertaining to start with but his over the top behaviour is now beginning to grate. He's being allowed to be self indulgent and it's gone to his head. Susanna Reid's contribution to the programme is now virtually nil. This isnt fun any more!!
T42   7:58am Wed 27 Sep


...and competitions!
Flora   7:38am Mon 4 Sep


How many more adverts can they pack in hardly time for the program
meggie   6:58am Mon 4 Sep

Mr Tact(less)!!!!!

Can Richard Madeley make any more gaffs? He's tactlesness personified!!
Jolyon   6:35am Fri 25 Aug

Can not stand kyle

Will not be watching MTV now he's presenting! Changed to bbc
Nel   7:58am Mon 21 Aug

Holmes Kyle Madeley

Three of the most repugnant people on television. Who is next in this seat?
Jed   6:43am Fri 18 Aug

Richard Madley

I remember him on This Morning and was absolutely the most irritating fool on there. To my shock horror he's on Good morning Britain. Get this ridiculous man off the telly
Summer love   6:35am Fri 18 Aug

J Kyle

I totally agree with C Lion comments he is unwatchable,over to BBC.
Tilly   7:56am Wed 9 Aug