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6:30pm-7:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 15 Episode 14

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two

Zoe Ball talks to more pro-celebrity couples, Ian Waite examines more of the training footage ahead of the next show and there is a look at some of the costumes for Saturday night

Category: General Show/Game Show

BBC2 London
6:30pm-7:00pm (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

Ian not gorgeo

Why is this guy still on TV..he looks so stupid with his overtight disgustingly coloured trousers,,yes he was Zoey's partner back in the ice age..axe him..please :) Also think Zoey is teaching her sell/view by date on this show....
Chrissy   6:41pm Wed 7 Dec

This really is the pits

The bottom of the barrel doesn't even get close.
Cath   9:25am Mon 24 Oct

Oh dear

I see Zoe's new toy-boy has been let loose with the crayons for the last two comments.
Len   2:17pm Wed 19 Oct


I really get irritated by the morons who write derogatory things about Zoe. There's a simple solution, don't watch the show. Remember SCD is an entertainment program and Zoe does a fantastic job presenting it. I love Zoe and long may she reign over STRICTLY ITT. The rest who don't like her program, can stick their heads in a bucket of horse muck!! Ha ha.
Dancing Diva   8:37pm Mon 14 Dec

Zoe Ball

Are these idiots watching the same programme as me? Zoe has personality dripping from every pore. Pick on someone who deserves it, like each other, dimwits!!!
non strictly watcher   6:49pm Thu 10 Dec


Drivel spouted by dimwits from what looks like a Turkish brothel.
Jo   2:02pm Tue 8 Dec


This must be the cheapest tackiest show on TV. Cannot see the need for it
Gingerbread   7:33pm Fri 27 Nov

Fake as cake

I would be good if the audience threw buckets of chit on the presenters.
Nelly   5:36pm Fri 27 Nov

Utter Guff

Presented by the biggest guff master of them all, Zoe Ball.
FB fan   4:48pm Tue 24 Nov

What a load of crap

Do we really need all this manic wittering every day?
Kelli   11:55am Fri 23 Oct