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7:00pm-7:30pm Tue 10 Oct

The One Show

Another mix of nationwide reports and live studio-based chat, hosted by Matt Baker and Alex Jones

Category: General Education/Science/Factual Topics

BBC1 London
7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes)   Tue 10 Oct

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Show Comments


The One Show-Blue Peter for grown ups. This is pathetic fare and we are paying for this nonsense. We need something with a bit of life in it-Tiswas for adults ! A bit of bite, off the cuff action and cut out the promoting of non-entities who will appear on BBC radio and probably Graham Norton days later. Absolute torture.
HappyHarry.   8:43am Fri 22 Sep

Presenters Today

The two today were very entertaining and comfortable with each other and great with the guests. If only they could stay....alas we will soon be back to that iritating "all about me" duo Matt and moreso Alex!
georgie   6:36pm Fri 15 Sep

Worst show on tv

Please please please get rid of the One show!!! The inane Alex Jones etc causes us to turn off!
Bella   7:20pm Tue 8 Aug

silence is golden

monday/friday 19.00hrs.pure bliss.
oap   8:21am Thu 27 Jul

pure greed

alex and matt 1million in further comment required.smug bs.
nhs   2:58pm Thu 20 Jul


Alex Jones salary?? Your BBC is paying for the worst show, I can't imagine paying for the worst actress ever.
Normalwoman   6:16pm Wed 19 Jul


Weird....... Alex Jones is the same for Kathie Lee Gifford. Talk talk talk
Bear   4:47pm Mon 3 Jul

the one show

the one show is again a show about so called celebs.plugging their crappy books,etc.get the celebs off and lets have some un knowners on the show.
the rat   7:31pm Tue 27 Jun

Time to go

Alex ought to grow up now she is a parent. Her immature antics are wearing thin and not genuine anyway imo.
reuben   7:33pm Wed 14 Jun


It most certainly was. I think from the look on her face that she thought so too.
A.P   10:35pm Tue 13 Jun