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8:00pm-9:20pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 8 Episode 7/10

The Great British Bake Off

Italian Week The amateur cooks take part in Italian week, which culminates in a fiddly showstopper in the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the tent. Before that, under the ever watchful gaze of judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, the contestants dish up a Sicilian signature that gets them all hot under the collar and a deceptively tricky technical. Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig are on hand to keep the bakers in line as the pressure of reaching the final stages of the competition intensifies

Category: Cooking

8:00pm-9:20pm (1 hour 20 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments

Mel and Sue

They think themselves funny............but they are so not!
get real   12:14pm Boxing Day


Someone should tell her she is not appearing in a photo shoot. Her continuous pouting and posing is cringy.
bemused   9:01pm Wed 28 Sep

World Gone Mad

"It has been confirmed that the presenters of The Great British Bake Off, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, will NOT be going to Channel 4" . What!! This was breaking news on nationwide television.........sorry, short intake of breath, I thought at the very least they must have been in some horfific car crash or something!!!
once more   8:12am Sat 17 Sep


The death knell has been sounded on this nonsense. It's off to Channel 4 and all the presenters are leaving.
Mr Kiplng   12:13pm Wed 14 Sep


Hollywood is the best - love him :)
GBBO   4:29pm Wed 31 Aug

GBBO Mel & Sue are fab :)

Love Mel & Sue they are hilarious :)
GBBO   4:20pm Wed 31 Aug

Make Mary, Mel and Sue Redundant

They put me off the lovely cakes!
A   8:07pm Sat 28 Nov

Hair nets

Need to be showing better hygiene practices on this programme really. Hair nets are a must.
ChooChoo   8:12pm Wed 30 Sep


are you not accepting comments on this show. I have been trying for days now
unbelievable   10:58pm Sat 26 Sep


Please! Reign in Mel and Sue they bring nothing to the programme. Tonights performances were cringe- worthy to say the least. I would go s far as to say they will lose the programme views if they continue
confused   8:25pm Wed 10 Sep