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12:20pm-12:50pm Wed 11 Oct


A plan is formed, Liv is unimpressed, and Rishi puts pressure on Lydia to meet the non-existent new employee

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

12:20pm-12:50pm (30 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments

Yet more gay lesbian crap

What is the problem with the writers on emmerdale can no one be normal in this village i said i would stop watching after the long drawn out emma saga which was a joke' now there are introducing the lesbian stories ' give us a break ' time to switch channels coast is more entertaining .
Ih   6:29pm Mon 16 Oct


Really funny character who brings some laughter to the show
KayJay   1:03pm Mon 16 Oct

Give me strenght

This soap is now farcical. The long drawn out Emma saga has now turned into a who dunnit. Hopefully It is the writers and they get 20 years, time to call it a day!
Befuddled.   8:34pm Fri 13 Oct

homosexul-lesbian possessed writers

what is the problem with the writers turning every one homosexual or lesbian , it will be marlon and paddy next this program is really homosexual and lesbian orientated now its utter garbage
Crytic   6:40pm Fri 13 Oct

why finn

when that awful pete is still there?
paolo   6:14pm Fri 13 Oct

Time to tidy up...

Once a great series with really good actors and actresess and terrific script writing Now all in need of an urgent overhaul before the ratings fall.
JGP   6:26pm Wed 11 Oct


It wouldn't be a great surprise "yawn!! for this years xmas special that someone "dies" something nice and cheerful and original from the writers of emmerdale to look forward to this year I'm taking bets if not perhaps aliens landing in the village? I await with baited breath.
Cooperman   5:41pm Tue 10 Oct


Did anyone understand anything Pete said ( mumbled) last night? Couldn't understand a word It could be important! Ha Ha
Susie Q   7:23am Tue 10 Oct


Another who's the daddy storyline...:-(
Lily   7:16am Tue 10 Oct

boring now.

Vanessa and charity the next gay couple. What is the writers obsession with gay characters.
Min.   10:29pm Mon 9 Oct