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7:30pm-8:00pm Thu 12 Oct

Blue Peter

It's Blue Peter's birthday and we're celebrating with a special birthday quiz hosted by Harry Hill and our very own Shelley. Who has what it takes to be the ultimate fan? Also, Lindsey Russell takes part in a rescue demonstration with the RNLI and the team unveils the Blue Peter Gold Badge Walk

Category: General Children's/Youth

7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

Blue Peter

I love Blue Peter and have done for years. I really enjoy watching episodes and using my purple badge. I love you Blue Peter!
Moomin Troll   5:21pm Thu 26 Jan

Getting involved

I love how there's lots of ways to get involved. there's lots of things to make and do .also I love the challenges that the presenters do.
Emma mills   7:14am Tue 1 Nov

Not all Team GB

Not all Team GB (Olympians) have received their Blue Peter 2016 Badge! Is there a problem? Or selective distribution?
Gold2016   5:22pm Thu 21 Jul

Cool badges

I love your show
Caitlin   8:25pm Mon 24 Feb


Craft is cool on bp
Bp fan   3:57pm Thu 13 Jun

TV is evil

Indoctrination of kids by the BBC
ban TV in your house!   3:58pm Fri 31 Aug


Helen Skelton is a mind controlled BBC drone
mk ultra   9:07pm Thu 3 May


Facebook Commentsn mommy
MOMMY   2:59pm Fri 17 Feb

wht was the rollerblading called

i do not know
stellie 123456789   7:29pm Tue 28 Jun


I Think this was yesterday as we have already seen it on the NEWS earlier today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
b   3:28pm Tue 28 Jun